BLACK+DECKER Unveils New Cordless Pruner–Win One Here!

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One of the neat things about having a blog is that sometimes you get free stuff.

However, I was all ready to say no, thank you when someone from Bond Manufacturing emailed me to offer me a free BLACK+DECKER Cordless Pruner to review on my blog.

Not my garden!

I assumed by “cordless pruner” she meant cordless hedge trimmers. Since I have no hedge, nor any plants that require shearing that my old-school manual hedge trimmers can’t take care of in a few swipes, I wasn’t interested.

Japanese maple at the Portland Japanese Garden.

Now, hand pruning is something I love. I enjoy shaping plants, guiding them to bring out their natural beauty. A snip here, a lop there. I find it very soothing and gratifying.

Though there have been a few days when I have done so much hand pruning that my forearm has ached afterwards.

Well, before I responded to Bond Mfg., I did a little research and realized that Black & Decker’s new product wasn’t a cordless hedge trimmer at all, but a cordless hand pruner!

“Cordless hand pruner? I’ll file that with my battery-powered hammer and solar nails,” said my funny friend Paul. Har har. It is kind of a funny concept, but I decided to try it out.

The BLACK+DECKER BD1168 Cordless Pruner runs on a rechargeable, 4-volt lithium ion battery (included). You should get about 500 cuts per charge. I haven’t been able to wear down the battery yet; it seems to have good stamina. The battery is said to hold a charge for up to 18 months.

You simply press the trigger (top red button) while holding down the safety (bottom red button) to make your cut. Easy peasy.

The pruner can cut branches up to a half-inch in diameter. And no, you can’t really make it cut anything bigger than that because it is limited by the width of the jaws. But the chromium-coated blades are wicked-sharp, and they cut branches like butter, with very little wrist strain. You could use the pruner with either hand, too.

An LED light helps you see where you’re cutting when you’re working under shady branches or in other dim places.

The motor is rather noisy, but I guess that’s the price you pay for ease.

I can see how this tool would be especially helpful for people with arthritis or people who have an injury but can’t stand to not work in the garden (we’ve all been there!).

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $99.99. BLACK+DECKER warranties the product for two years with purchase.

Do you suffer from pruner fatigue? Win your own BLACK+DECKER BD1168 Cordless Pruner now! Bond Manufacturing has been generous enough to supply a free pruner to one lucky reader of this blog (in the U.S.).

Just tell me you want to enter the contest in the comments, and I will pick a winner at random on Sunday, May 28, at 5:00 pm Pacific/8:00 Eastern. Good luck!

And the winner is, based on a random draw (I used, … Alice Massey! Congratulations, Alice, and thanks to everyone for participating. I do appreciate you reading my blog!


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31 Responses

  1. Brad Bonham
    Brad Bonham at | | Reply

    Sure, I’ll bite! When I teach pruning, I provide an array of secateurs for folks to try. This would be an interesting addition to the collection. 😉

  2. LorettaDM
    LorettaDM at | | Reply

    I’d like to win the pruner. My slightly arthritic thumbs will appreciate the help.

  3. Moureen Ballard
    Moureen Ballard at | | Reply

    I’d like to enter the giveaway for the Black & Decker cordless pruner. My hands could really use the help!

  4. Gretchen
    Gretchen at | | Reply

    I live with pruners
    In my hand and am starting to have arthritis so I would like to try it

  5. Nancy Zimmer
    Nancy Zimmer at | | Reply

    I would love to win this, I have had multiple operations on my hands and arm and this would be a help. Still love gardening just get help with big jobs.

  6. Dragos
    Dragos at | | Reply

    Hi, I have no arthritis but still want it. Me likes gardening a lot, small and big jobs alike.

  7. Rebecca
    Rebecca at | | Reply

    Please enter me for the pruner. Arthritis in my hands is making it more difficult to use my trusty Felcos.

  8. Sheila T.
    Sheila T. at | | Reply

    Cool gadget. Style points for easy peasy lemon squeazy 🙂 and just to go that little bit extra, enter measy.

  9. Vanessa Gardner Nagel
    Vanessa Gardner Nagel at | | Reply

    Sounds like an interesting pruner – sign me up!

  10. AmyO
    AmyO at | | Reply

    Yes please! I would love to try them out on my overworked hand and wrist!

  11. Susan Prindle
    Susan Prindle at | | Reply

    Sign me up for that! I have arthritic wrists and sometimes just can’t squeeze hard enough!

  12. Gail
    Gail at | | Reply

    Put me in the drawing please. I’ve had thumb surgery because of pruning! I think this will help me avoid it again!

  13. Geraldine Bontrager
    Geraldine Bontrager at | | Reply

    I have (honestly) thought about moving to a condo because as I age I find gardening becoming more difficult to keep up. When I find a product that can make life easier I jump at it. I have arthritis but also am finding out how much longer it takes to get a job done. I can see myself walking thru my trees – finally trimming the much needed branches that hit me every time I mow my lawn.

  14. Patti McCarthy
    Patti McCarthy at | | Reply

    Wearing an arm band this late spring due to tennis elbow. Reason- over doing my pruning it appears. So these new shears intrigue me. Thanks for the description of your experience with them. Was there a vibration in using it? Would love a needle point one to do all my rhodie dead heading. 😀

  15. Jane / MulchMaid
    Jane / MulchMaid at | | Reply

    What self-respecting gardener doesn’t need a little power-ful help these days! Yes, I’d love to win these pruners for the sake of my ever-burgeoning Pyracantha hedge and the myriad other twiggy things that keep getting bigger in my garden.

  16. Sherry Beam
    Sherry Beam at | | Reply

    Thanks Amy…great write up and your perspective!

  17. Cathi
    Cathi at | | Reply

    I would love these!

  18. Ann Shade
    Ann Shade at | | Reply

    I never liked electric scissors for cutting fabric, but this pruner seems to clamp down in the way a pole pruner works. And there’s only one way to find out if it grows on more than “scissors” ever did.

  19. Darcy @ eGardenGo
    Darcy @ eGardenGo at | | Reply

    Heh, I’d give it a whirl!

  20. Linda F
    Linda F at | | Reply

    Count me in! I’d love to give it a try. Thank you.

  21. Phillip
    Phillip at | | Reply

    Yes! I have been using Aspercreme with Lidocaine on my hand on a daily basis!

  22. Laurie Beard
    Laurie Beard at | | Reply

    Hi I’d love to win the pruner. I could use it, or I could gift it to my community garden club where we could all benefit from it or certainly people with arthritic hands.
    Thanks! Laurie B

  23. Francesca Holinko
    Francesca Holinko at | | Reply

    I would love to win this! I developed trigger finger pruning boxwoods!

  24. Carol Goetz
    Carol Goetz at | | Reply

    I’m always in the garden and would love to win! Thank you!

  25. Joanne Turner
    Joanne Turner at | | Reply

    Sure, I’d love to win those pruners.

  26. Amy Kennedy
    Amy Kennedy at | | Reply

    Yes, I would like to be entered in the drawing. Thank you!

  27. Alice Massey
    Alice Massey at | | Reply

    Count me in also, I love the idea of a light to be able to see what I am cutting in those shady spots.

  28. Wall planter
    Wall planter at | | Reply

    Thanks for your sharing.

  29. Amy Kennedy
    Amy Kennedy at | | Reply

    Please enter me too! Thanks!

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