Paperbark Maple–A Must-Have Specimen Tree

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acer griseum paperbark maple shaggy bark 022314

Planting a paperbark maple is one thing you must do to be considered a Serious Gardener.  (The other two are gardening after dark by the light of your car headlights, and asking for manure for your birthday.)

But novice gardeners can get in on the fun, too, because the choice paperbark maple (Acer griseum) is surprisingly easy to grow.  It wants full sun but can handle light shade, and it’s not fussy about soils.

acer griseum paperbark maple street tree 091312

In fact, here in Portland I see it used everywhere as a street tree, forced to tough it out in many a parched hellstrip—and performing like a champ.  True, our plants are spoiled with a milder climate than most, but it should be noted that in summer, it’s dry.  We hardly get enough rain to wash all the Meconopsis betonicifolia pollen off the sidewalks—let alone do any real irrigating.

acer griseum paperbark maple good exfoliation 080414

Ferdinand Pax, a German botanist, was the numbskull who named this tree Acer griseum (griseum=“gray”).  Please tell me how you can look at this bark and then say, “Hmm… that’s nice, but I notice your leaves appear sort of grayish on the undersides.  I’ll call you ‘gray maple.'”  (Okay, maybe he didn’t have a specimen like this to look at, but come on, man!  Do your homework.)

acer griseum paperbark maple in sunlight 121209

The bark can actually vary quite a lot, and every tree is one of a kind.  It can be relatively smooth and shiny, peeling just enough to catch the late afternoon light.

acer griseum paperbark maple bark clawed by cat 031414

Or it can look like it was clawed up by a particularly spiteful cat.

acer griseum paperbark maple blocky bark 022314

Once in a while you’ll find one with a blocky pattern.

acer griseum paperbark maple light colored bark 080414

Though the shaggy forms are the most striking.  This honey-colored beauty almost looks like a river birch.  The usual hues are more chestnut- or copper-toned.

acer griseum paperbark maple flowers 041514

Paperbark maple’s pale yellow flowers emerge in the frenzy of spring, when we gardeners have a lot on our plates, and they often get overlooked.  Take a moment to study them now.

acer griseum paperbark maple flowers closeup 041514

The leaves come out with the flowers and have a butterscotch tint.  As they unfurl, they turn deep green.

acer griseum paperbark maple flowers fuzzy 041514

They’re so fuzzy!

acer griseum paperbark maple big tree 080414

The leaves look a lot like poison ivy once they expand.

acer griseum paperbark maple fall color 111112

And in the fall, in a good year, they turn the color of sun-dried tomatoes.  They turn rather late, after peak leaf-peeper season, and barring a hard freeze and strong winds to shake them loose, the leaves hold a long time.

acer griseum paperbark maple clear shot of bark 121209

But eventually they drop, and—Ta da!  A clear shot of that fabulous bark once again.

What does your paperbark maple look like?  You have planted one, right?










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  1. Anna K
    Anna K at | | Reply

    Haha! Numbskull is right!!! That name and the myopic view of the namer has always left me wondering… Beautiful photos of one of my fave trees. And no – haven’t planted one yet, because I don’t have room. But in my next home, I most definitely will! 🙂

  2. Paul
    Paul at | | Reply

    A. griseum- check
    Car headlights- mmm, no. But, sodium vapor streetlight, augmented by actual worn-on-my-head headlight should be acceptable, yes?
    Asked for manure as gift for landmark event- yes.


  3. Tony Aiello
    Tony Aiello at | | Reply

    Were are those specimen trees that were growing in a cemetery?
    Tony A.

    1. Amy Campion
      Amy Campion at | | Reply

      Those are at Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum in Cincinnati, Ohio.

      1. Tony Aiello
        Tony Aiello at | | Reply

        Thank you.

  4. Joanne Vandersall
    Joanne Vandersall at | | Reply

    Hi Amy, I live in Michigan just north of Detroit. I have a Paper Bark Maple that is approx. 15 years old, 18 feet tall. We need to have it removed, but would like to see it resold and replanted.. I don’t know where to look or who to contact to do this, any ideas?

  5. Kathleen
    Kathleen at | | Reply

    I was told mine was planted too deep. It is at least 15 years old, what should I do?

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